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B'cause Dance Company was founded in 2018 and has been continuously creating dance performances that are staged in Warsaw as well as other cities in Poland and Europe. The company is actively engaged in the process of dance and artistic education for dancers and audiences alike through a range of educational activities, such as dance workshops, artist talks, and educational and popular science films. During our four years of operation, we have created 9 shows that have been presented more than 50 times in over 20 cities in 6 countries.

The mission of B'cause Dance Company is to create performances that address important issues for society and stimulate debate and reflection among audiences. Due to the multitude of possible interpretations of the ideas contained in our shows, we believe that each viewer will embark on an individual artistic journey that will allow them to take their own stance on the issues raised. We hope to inspire people to make the world a better place.

„The performance (...) combined a fantastic dance show and a touching story that certainly aroused in the audience many important questions about our identity and openness to other cultures.”

"Anxious, neurotic, well- balanced choreography of Bartek Woszczyński ..."

"5 dancers (...) paint the history of struggle for survival in a world full of divisions and inequalities."

„... absolutely beautiful lighting design by Artur Wytrykus...”

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