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Choreography: Bartek Woszczyński
Drama consultations: Patryk Dariusz Gacki
Dancers: Anna Banasik, Michał Adam Góral, Dorota Koprowska, Jakub Mędrzycki, Dominika Stróżewska
Music: ATMO Music Productions
Light direction: Artur Wytrykus
Costume design: Joanna Woszczyńska
Scenography: Artur Wytrykus
Design of graphic materials: Renata Orzeszek | Without Template
Project coordination: Urszula Woszczyńska

The project was supported by the city of Warsaw.

Kepler 22b_01.png

The future of the Earth has been doomed If we do not stop our habits of excessive prosperity and expansion into nature, planet Earth will not be viable in a few thousand years. Scientists have already found a possible second haven for humans - the planet "Kepler 22b". This is where the action of the performance takes place, where the builders of the new system try to create a new, better world. Will they create a utopia there? If put to the test and guided by their instincts, will they prove to be good people or, on the contrary - bypassing the layer of courtesy will get the worst out of them and deprive them of empathy? Will they repeat the mistakes of the present world or will they manage to learn from them and stop the looping circles of events repeating in history? What is the nature of man? After the Stanford experiment, Philip Zimbardo wrote: “We can assume that most people remain moral beings most of the time. But imagine this morality is like a gear stick that is put into neutral from time to time. " Which gear will be used on the planet "Kepler 22b"?

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