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Artistic director / choreographer

Bartek Woszczynski headshot.jpg

Bartek Woszczynski

choreographer, performer and filmmaker; founder and director of B’cause Dance Company; a graduate of the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and Chopin University of Music.



Bartek started dancing in Formacja Tanca Nowoczesnego LUZ based in his hometown - Siedlce, Poland. At the age of 15 he joined youth dance theatre Alternatywny Teatr Tanca LUZ. Dancing and choreographing he was touring with ATT LUZ in many countries including France, Japan and the USA. At the age of 19 he moved to London in order to join the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. A few years later he graduated from the Chopin University of Music (MA in choreography in theory of dance) with magna cum laude honors.



As a dancer Bartek has worked on a number of independent projects and spent 3 seasons working with Black Box Dance Company in Denmark. He was also a dancer of Biały Teatr Tańca and Zawirowania Dance Theatre in Poland. He was also involved in a vast amount of independent projects and has worked with many choreographers such as Soodong Jung, Mark Baldwin, Marie Brolin-Tani, Fotis Nikolaou, Stephanie Thomasen, Gary Clarke, Thomas Bentin, Mari Carrasco, Katarzyna Kizior, Yong Sean Liu, Paras Terezakis, Ashley Lobo performing their works worldwide. Bartek was a guest dancer in The Next Step season 3 - Canadian TV series about dancers.



Bartek’s works have been performed in the UK, Poland, Japan, Canada, Bulgaria, Belarus, Portugal, Albania, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Albania, Israel, Macedonia, Italy and South Korea. He has choreographed for companies like Zawirowania Dance Theatre, Warsaw Ballet, YDA | Swindon Dance, Alternatywny Teatr Tanca LUZ and a number of works for his company - B’cause Dance Company. Bartek has also created a number of solo performances such as his solo performance 'The Perfect World' that has been awarded the first prize at Solo Dance Contest in Gdansk, Poland, ’After the Past' created as a result of 40 days artist residency in South Korea and premiered at the National Theatre of Korea in Seoul and was invited into dance festivals in Poland, India, Israel and Macedonia or his solo „Siri” produced as part of his scholarship of the Ministry of Culture. He was also a choreographer of a musical „Janowska - Synowie Aliny” and „Kolory Nadziei”.




In 2018, Bartek created his own company - B’cause Dance Company in Warsaw. He is an artistic director and choreographer of the company and the company consists of 6 dancers. Its unique style is also developed by the composers Giulio Donati and Simone Donati and lighting designer Artur Wytrykus. Since 2018, Bartek has created 10 full-evening works for the company that was toured over 50 times in over 20 cities in 6 countries.




Bartek has also extensively taught both in Poland and abroad. His teaching record consists of over 100 venues. For the past 4 years he taught contemporary dance at the National Ballet School in Warsaw and he also worked at the Chopin University of Music as a teacher and choreographer working with the MA choreography students.





Bartek has also extensively worked on film productions as a choreographer, director and movement director. His short dance film 'Let’s talk about it', which he both directed and choreographed commenting on a refugee crisis in Europe, got selected to be screened at 11 different festivals in 8 countries. His film credits also include Canadian TV series The Next Step 3 made by BBC and Temple Street Productions; a film On|Off which was made with a creative agency The Doll for London Fashion Week; a series of 10 dance films „Zawieszeni” made as part of scholarship by the Ministry of Culture in Poland.


Simultaneously to his dance career he was diving into the world of filmmaking as a director, cameraman and editor. A few years ago he created a film production company - B’cause Film Productions that specializes in music videos, aftermovies from various events, music concerts and dance films. He often connects his two professions creating unique art and dance films.


One of this kind of projects was a dance short film called „Podróż | Journey” (30 mins) about Marie Rambert which he directed and choreographed. The film was made by B’cause Dance Company and B’cause Film Productions.


More information regarding B’cause Film Productions can be found on:

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