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BECAUSE 1 proba WWW fot. kasia chmura-14

Choreographer: Bartek Woszczynski

Music: ATMO (Giulio Donati & Simone Donati)

Lighting Design: Artur Wytrykus

Costume Design: Joanna Woszczynska

Dancers: To be announced

The project was supported by the city of Warsaw.


Our world is heading towards a continuous increase in mass production, which leads to the subconscious uniformity of society. Large corporations are supplanting local, often traditionally based, enterprises with their products, and the desire to follow the latest trends intensifies ubiquitous conformism, robbing people out of their individual preferences. Social media outright explode with the happiness and pictures of people who have turned their lives into a relentless succession. Everyone is smiling, rich, inspired. On the screen. Everyone looks exactly the same. "Faceless".

The performance "Faceless | Less Face" presents an exaggerated vision of our society, which contrasts with the reality of employees of factories in developing countries. All the same, all "faceless." But they do not even try to pretend they are happy. The colorful emanation of success is replaced with a gray, sad and endless routine that leads nowhere. There is no room for hope, there is not even room for pretending. These people, by their slave labor, make it easier for other people in developed countries to live.

Using the form of contemporary dance as the most honest means of expression, the performance prompts viewers to consider the role of the individual in society and poses a number of questions: Are we threatened with global uniformity? How long will the world be indifferent to the deteriorating working conditions in developing countries? How can you keep your own identity in the era of global uniformity? Is there still a chance to remain independent of global corporations? If there is a quiet consent to slave labor in order to get the lowest prices for products, does it mean that the comfort of one man can have more value than the basic rights and dignity of the other? Can human life have a price?

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