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Choreographer: Bartek Woszczynski

Music: ATMO (Giulio Donati & Simone Donati)

Lighting Design: Artur Wytrykus

Costume Design: Joanna Woszczynska

Dancers: Simone Donati, Aleksandra Krajewska, Francesca Merolla, Szymon Osinski, Urszula Woszczynska

Length: 65

The project was supported by the city of Warsaw.

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What identifies a refugee? Is being a refugee a choice? Where is the line between being an immigrant and a refugee? Would any of us want to leave our home without a guarantee that we will find a second haven? And what if it turns out that at the end of a trip to a new home, is just the beginning of a journey towards being accepted? Where is the boundary between the lack of assimilation and the need to preserve the foundations of one's identity? Aggression is the cause or effect of being excluded? Are they excluded? Are we excluded? Who are ‚they’ and ‚we’? Can a persons be illegal?

The performance Homesick | Sick Home is an invitation to contemplation about issues regarding refugees, immigrants and multiculturalism. It is an attempt to depict these issues through movement, which is the sincerest, and also the most primary means of expression. Because maybe, in the moment when we are not overwhelmed by the subjective magnitude of information, we are able to look at such comprehensive content from many perspectives.

Excerpts from reviews:

„The performance (...) combined a fantastic dance show and a touching story that certainly aroused in the audience many important questions about our identity and openness to other cultures.”

"Anxious, neurotic, well- balanced choreography of Bartek Woszczyński ..."

„... absolutely beautiful lighting design by Artur Wytrykus...”

"5 dancers (...) paint the history of struggle for survival in a world full of divisions and inequalities."

"Simple, very clear and poignant scenography deeply hits the viewer in the first minutes."

"... the viewer could feel part of the show ..."

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