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13th of September - Teatr Syrena Warsaw
30th of September - Buskie Samorządowe Centrum Kultury, Busko-Zdrój
1st of October - Krasnostawski Dom Kultury, Krasny Staw
2nd of October - Miejski Dom Kultury w Szczebrzeszynie, Szczebrzeszyn
3rd of October - Nałęczowski Dom Kultury, Nałęczów
4th of October - Biłgorajskie Centrum Kultury, Biłgoraj
5th of October - Sanocki Dom Kultury, Sanok
18th of October - Ełckie Centrum Kultury, Ełk
19th fo October - Sala Widowiskowa "Podasie", Siedlce
3rd of November - Teatr Syrena, Warsaw

Dance is a constant journey. 

A journey full of contrast, ambivalent feelings and opposite emotions. 

A journey that never ends. 

Dance is a constant journey towards freedom. 

Our mission is to take our audience on these journeys.

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