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Director: Bartek Woszczyński
Choreography: Bartek Woszczyński in cooperation with the dancers
Dancers: Julia Buczynska, Agata Dulęba, Małgorzata Kowalczyk,
Dmytro Vyskorka, Weronika Wołowicz
Lighting design: Artur Wytrykus
Music: Atmo Music Productions
Assistant: Vitalia Vaskiv
Graphic design: Renata Orzeszek | Bez Szablonu
Project coordinator: Urszula Woszczyńska

"Urodziny" is a dance performance that portrays the intricate and emotional story of a group of people involved in the preparations for one of the character's birthdays. Focusing on the superficial aspects of the birthday celebration makes them overlook what is most important. The performance shows how a lack of sensitivity towards others and dormant empathy can drown out the cries of those in need of our attention or support. In the midst of mutual blame, resentment, regret, shifting of blame, and attempts at manipulation, will the characters find a way to hear their own thoughts? Are they ready for it?

The "Urodziny" performance is an invitation to reflect on one's own relationships with other people, empathy, and the importance of genuine interest in another human being.

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