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ATMO (Giulio Donati & Simone Donati) is a combination of symphonic music, techno music and contemporary electronic sounds. The duo of Italian composers use a very large stock of sound sources - mainly electronic, but also symphonic. Two brothers - Simone Donati and Giulio Donati- have always been associated with art in a variety of ways, but their passion is driven by the same love for music, and what excites them the most is the possibility of cooperation between various fields of art. ATMO created music for many artists, including Bartek Woszczyński, Zsolt Szabo, Balletboyz course.

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Lighting designer

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Artur Wytrykus - lighting designer. For nearly fifteen years he has been associated with one of the Warsaw theaters - Teatr Sytrena He has collaborated with such directors as: Jacek Mikołajczyk Wojciech Malajkat, Jacek Bończyk, Krzysztof Jaślar, Redbad Klynstar. He has designed lighting for spectacles both in Poland and abroad, including cities like Toronto, Vancouver, New York, New Jersey, Mississauga, Oslo and  Munich. For a couple of years, he has been cooperating with the Alternative Dance Theater LUZ, where he designed lighting for performances: Szkło, Dzieci Powstania '44 or Symetria. In addition to working in the theater, Artur also designs light at rock and metal concerts.

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