Abián Nauzet Hernández Herrera, Canary Island, Spain, based in London, UK. Graduate in Early Childhood Education, on UVA and ULPG. He completed his dance education as a dancer on Natalia Medina Escuela de Danza and then join her company, Compañia de Danza Natalia Medina in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. Also, he danced in Keneish Dance Company in Birmingham, UK. He had been dancing in Song of the goat in Wroclaw, Poland, "Island" by Ivan Perez. He has also been working for small projects like “Armada” by David Evans, and Adrian Look in London.  He created and perform “SAVIA” second prize in BBionic Dance Festival in Madrid, and recently “ESPERA”, which was premiere in TENERIFE on "Canarios dentro y fuera". Abián joined B'cause Dance Company for the production Faceless | Less Face.

Francesca Merolla graduated from Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in 2016. After completing her year-long internship at Zfin, Malta Dance Ensamble in Malta, she joined the Volkstheater in Rostock, Germany, and then worked on the project "Island" choreographed by Ivan Perez and Grzegorz Bral. Francesca was in all of the production of B'cause Dance Company. 

Fabiana Mangialardi began to deepen her knowledge and performativity in contemporary dance in 2011 with the Junior Dance Company Bari, directed by Sara Accettura. She then joined the University of Malta and graduated in Dance Studies. Immediately after she started one year internship at ZfibnMalta Dance Ensemble, under the artistic direction of Mavin Khoo. Today Fabiana is a freelance dancer, working around Italy and Europe. She recently co-founded Collective Tanè and started exploring her creative and choreographic skills. Fabiana joined B'cause Dance Company for the production Faceless | Less Face.

Urszula Woszczyńska started dancing at the Alternative Dance Theater LUZ in Siedlce. She has performed with the company in countries such as Japan, Canada, Germany, France and the United States as well as in many cities in Poland. She was involved in projects such as 'Before We Go', which premiered in Veletri, Italy; open-air spectacle 'Are We There Yet?’ or 'The Crossing' - created in cooperation between the Zawirowania Dance Theater and the Navdhara Dance Company from India. Ula was in all of the production of B'cause Dance Company.

Michał Adam Góral - graduated from Codarts University for the Arts in Holland. After finishing his studies he worked with Het Internationaal Danstheater in Amsterdam, Derida Dance Company in Bulgaria, Korzo Theater in The Hague, Theatre Komedia, Warsaw Chamber Opera, Dance Theatre Caro, Zawirowania  Dance and Compagnie THOR in Brussels. As an independent artists he have created shows like „Waterfallin”, “N°2”, “Quo Tendis”, “Bolero”, few music videos and movement material for Sony’s PlayStation4  award winning game, “Bound”. Michał joined B'cause Dance Company for the production Faceless | Less Face.

Szymon Osiński began his dance studies at the contemporary dance group Busters in Łódź. He collaborated with Thierry Verger for example on the "Veloce" performance and was his assistant in Poland. He took part in the first Polish dance show "OpenTaniec" choreographed by Jarosław Stańek and other projects in Poland. He regularly cooperates with the Zawirowania Dance Theater, creating performances exhibited in Poland and abroad such as in Israel, Japan, South Korea and Spain or China. Szymon was part of our performance Homesick | Sick Home.

Simone Donati completed his education in London at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. After finishing school, he joined the British Balletboyz Dance Company, where he danced for 5 years. He collaborated with well-known choreographers like Ivan Perez, Javier De Frutos, Liam Scarlett, Pontus Lidberg, Christopher Wheeldon and many others. He then collaborated as an independent artist with choreographers such as Russell Maliphantn and recently Luca Silvestrini. Simone was part of our performance Homesick | Sick Home.